How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Surveys

This is the first of a series of brief articles that provides information on how to use social media to gather information through surveys. As the title suggests, this particular article focuses on the use of Facebook. The other two articles in the series discuss the use of Twitter and LinkedIn for the same purpose. The information provided is direct, concise, and easily applied and should be helpful as you try to determine a topic for your blog that people in your social network may be interested in reading.

How to Choose a Good Blog Name

This brief article provides a list of things one should consider in choosing a title for a new blog. While you may provide great content in your posts, that content won’t amount to much if no one reads your blog. By considering a few simple things, you’ll be able to choose a title that will attract audiences to your blog.

Blogging Like a Pro: Learn How to Do Effective Content Research

This article reviews a variety of Internet tools that you can utilize to conduct research outside of the library. While you can still use the library to find sources to support your points, also consider finding sources that are available online and can be accessed by readers who may not have access to our library’s databases. These tools may also help you generate ideas for posts.

Criteria to Evaluate the Credibility of WWW Resources

As with the other papers you’ve written for this course, you will need to evaluate the sources that you find. This article focuses specifically on how to evaluate online sources. Providing quality information to support your arguments will make your posts more effective and add to your credibility as an author.

Know Your Audience: How to Use Social Media Demographics to Market Efficiently

This article provides information on how to use social media to market to specific target audiences. As the article explains, different social media outlets are used by different groups of people for different purposes. Reading this article may help you decide where to promote your blog to ensure it reaches the appropriate audience.


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